Thursday, 26 May 2011


Today we went to the ancient city of Mdina in the middle of Malta. The city has had various names. The Romans called it Melita. The Moors called it Mdina and that name has stuck.

This is me in front of the gates of Mdina.

I guess I should have done my homework! No rotten tomatoes please!

We did not go in here.  It was all about the not very nice things people did to each other in the Middle Ages!

This is a Calendar Clock. The picture was taken on May 26, so I would say it is pretty accurate!

This is me besides a Knight of St. John.  Men were not very big in those days.  I guess they should have eaten their Cheerios.  The Knights of St. John ruled Malta for hundreds of years.  The cross on the shield is the same as St. John's Ambulance.

I would explain this for those of you who do not understand Latin but unfortunately there is not any room in this blog!

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